4 Main Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting Server

Choose Dedicated Hosting Server

Both small and large-scale businesses have a number of options to pick from when it comes to web hosting. However, shared hosting is the most common because it’s cost effective. In other words, different websites share resources on a single server. But if your business is booming and you need a lot more power and resources, you can change up to dedicated hosting. That means you pay for a single server and you enjoy the resources available on that server alone. Choosing a dedicated server comes with the following benefits:

1.    Complete control of resources when you choose dedicated server

The main advantage of choosing a dedicated server to host your website is complete autonomy over the resources. That means no other website can use the resources on your server, which means even if you get a ton of traffic to your website, it won’t slow down.

2.    Security and performance are some of the benefits that come with dedicated hosting

The fact that you rent your own server with dedicated hosting means performance and security are up a notch, which translates to the highest possible uptime. Typically, shared hosting is dedicated to websites that experience low to medium traffic. However, if your website receives a ton of traffic, a shared option is not a good choice, as your website will be extremely slow. Also, dedicated hosting accords you maximum disk space. On top of all that, you get top-notch security, which is vital if your website deals with sensitive transactions.

3.    Dedicated web hosting offers you a whole lot of flexibility

The awesome thing about dedicated hosting is that you’re at liberty to customize the server to your liking. That means the dedicated hosting provider will not limit you to particular operating systems, apps, and other things. You are free to customize the server anytime. This is the kind of flexibility most website owners want.

4.    You get a unique IP address when you choose dedicated web hosting

If you have ever used shared hosting, you know that you won’t get a unique IP address. With dedicated hosting, you’re assigned a unique IP address. A unique IP means there is no risk of your site’ search engine ranking being brought down, as it happens with shared hosting when one person breaks one of the search engine rules.


Let’s not forget that with dedicated web hosting, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. That is taken care of by the hosting provider, which, in the long run, will increase your return on investment. Hope these reasons will motivate you to choose dedicated hosting over shared hosting.