5 Ways to Make Money with Domain Names

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Domain names are valuable resources today. That is because of the staggering number of websites available online. Not to mention that tons of websites are being created every day. Statistics tell the story. According to a Google survey, there are more than one billion websites on the internet today, and more than 140, 000 are created every day. These figures are astounding, and considering that a domain name is a must-have component of any website, their demand is growing at a frantic pace. If you’re thinking of making money with domain names, here are ideas to contemplate:

      i.         Buy a domain name and sell it

Many people are already making decent profits doing this kind of business. They simply take the time to scour the various domain name marketplaces and auction websites and buy cheap domain names. They then list the domains on reseller websites or the same websites they bought domain names from, but at a much higher price.

    ii.         Buy a domain name and rent it

Some people are also making a living renting out domain names. They simply register or buy the most sought-after .com domain names and rent them out to individuals, companies, and organizations that need them. Most companies have the money, and they are ready to pay for a .com domain name that has established traffic and aligns with their needs. They will also pay for the email address attached to the domain.

  iii.         Perform domain name registration and use the domain to build a website

You could create a business website or an e-commerce store with the domain name and start selling products and services. You don’t even need to have your products these days to start selling online. You can sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing) and make decent money each month through commissions.

  iv.         Buy a domain name and lease it

You can register or buy a domain name and lease it to a company for a stipulated amount of time. The company will be paying you a certain amount of money every month until the end of the leasing period. And if the domain is doing well, they can increase the lease period, and that means another extended period of earning.

    v.         Buy a domain name and park it

If you buy a domain name, and you do not want to use it to build out a website until the right time comes, you have the option to park it. Entities like Google and Yahoo offer parking services whereby you display ads on the domain, and when a customer clicks on them, they are directed to the product website. You get paid a commission when a customer clicks on the ads.


So if you were wondering how to make money with domain names, this article is an eye-opener. The secret is to conduct extensive research to find domain names that draw a ton of traffic. You might just establish a solid passive revenue stream.