B2B E-commerce Platform Comparison

E-commerce platforms have given B2B businesses unlimited market, with unlimited potential. The more accepting traditional customer is no longer exists. The new age customer is changing daily and has become more demanding. The modern customer wants smooth engagement, quick access to information and top quality customer experience. The business owner has to ensure that whatever is going to the customer meets all these requirements. For more information: https://mediastreet.ie/6-copywriting-blunders-that-kill-b2b-e-commerce-sales/
When you are setting up an e-commerce platform, there are certain things you need to take into consideration. It should:-

• Allow you to access restriction options. For instance, you should be able to hide your bulk pricing from specific customers, or even hide the entire online store from customers were not registered.
• Equip you with a unified pricing payment and ordering solution to make your transactions secure.
• Give your clients an excellent customer experience by being responsive, easy-to-use and customizable.

For a business to succeed, it needs a good platform, and that is why we will do a B2B e-commerce platform comparison in the article below.

A comparison of e-commerce platforms for B2B

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus caters to businesses with an annual turnover of more than $1 million. If you have a company that operates on multiple channels, then you should consider Shopify Plus as your e-commerce platform. The system is cloud-based and has an easy-to-use interface, and is very easy to set up. You get 24/7 customer support, and it allows you to manage up to 1000 orders per minute. The transaction processes are simple, with an easy to set up B2B storefront. The platform will give you support for wholesale purchases, assistance with multi-channel sales, integration with your system due to an open API, among other functionalities. Shopify is an excellent platform for a business that is just taking off. You may need to change to another, the more the business grows. Also note that, if your customers do not use Shopify Payment, you will pay a transactional fee for payments made via other gateways like PayPal or Amazon Pay.


Magento is a free platform, but it does require a level of technical know-how to set up. But once you have it up and running, you will have a robust system in your hands. Magento allows you to tailor your platform to different customer needs. It also has other features like quote management, streamlined purchase orders, an extensive network for third-party developers, and reliable implementation partners. You can even personalize the purchasing experience, do merchandising, help for negotiations and quotes, and do your inventory among others. Being an open-source platform, you can start with the very basic, and continue to build up as your business grows. However, to get the Enterprise version of Magento, you will part with $20,000 annually. Factor in the cost of third-party programmers because the system is quite complicated.


Demandware is a cloud-based e-commerce platform. It is ideal for larger organizations that need a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Demandware has a unique link partner program, where a client can select value-added services for the improvement of their web store. It is a very responsive platform with Disaster Recovery Solutions in case a site crashes. The web design is responsive, and you can customize it for different devices. It has SEO, customer segmentation, grouping capabilities, and marketing tools. The developers have also put in a nice touch with the online classes that offer instructions to new clients. You get 24/7 customer support, and you can manage or monitor performance levels on the platform. However, Demandware is expensive, and you do not have control of the site because Demandware runs it for you.


Netsuite has quickly built a name for itself on the B2B e-commerce platform. It has an all-in-one ERP solution and easily integrates with other B2B software. You get real-time updates from a central database, and as your business grows, you can customize it to take on the extra load.Pricing is as per the client's requirements, and this works well for many businesses.

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Bigcommerce has over 55,000 online stores, with big names like Toyota and Martha Stewart on it. It is simple to use, and you do not need to know how to run code or have a team of programmers to use it. It has several inbuilt features that make it user-friendly, no matter your skill level. With the platform, you get discount pricing, back-end system integration, B2B payment Solutions; Quote Builder, Advanced Shipping Methods among others. The downside to this platform is that it only has seven free themes, but you can always purchase more.

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Contalog is a platform for anyone who wishes to get help with their B2B transactional processes. It is especially great for a company that has multiple locations and or warehouses. It will give your customers a personalized experience every time they make a purchase. You are therefore very likely to have a loyal customer base and excellent user reviews. The downside to the platform is that it is not regularly updated, and you may miss out on some critical features.

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Getting the right e-commerce platform will make your business so much easier to run. It will also give your customers excellent user experience, whether it is the purchasing or payment. Being able to run your online store from an easy-to-use interface which provides you with information on inventory, purchases, orders among others, will free up a lot of the time because you do not need to deal with the clients physically. Getting the right system, therefore, requires that you take the time to choose one that responds to your requirements. Consider what you want to do with the platform, and how it can continue to improve your business the more it grows. Note that, some platforms are better suited for smaller companies, so if you use them, be ready to upgrade at a later date.
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